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Frankfort Bluffs

THERE IS SOMETHING MAGICAL about the views we get along the shoreline in greater Frankfort. In fact, the entire length of the western shoreline of Michigan is an absolute treat to take in. This photo is looking southwest over Lake Michigan at a home that Nancy was showing that is for sale. The view is so beautiful.

Occasionally, my iPhone camera captures the perfect view. This is as close to the real deal as one can hope for with a finger.

With my active imagination, I began dreaming of an ad campaign geared to a national audience that follows the logic: Come to Lake Michigan where there are no hurricanes. Guaranteed.

This Lake Michigan shoreline runs hundreds of miles and captures the essence of water, wind, and sand. Our winds can be gale force but not today.

Lake Michigan is my favorite place on Planet Earth.

Thank you, again and again.

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