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Winter's Recreation

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

THE PUSH TO MOVE OUTDOORS for winter activities is one of the nice outcomes of the pandemic. NW Michigan has the space, the hills and trails, and the cold crisp air that sets the stage for such wonderful outdoor recreation.

Cross country skiing and snowshoeing seem to have won new converts and has also reinvigorated those of us who once were participants to come back and take a spin.

Now the question begs, can my old equipment in my storage area be dusted off and brought back to a useful life? And will the dark skies that are over us soon deliver some needed snow?

What is so nice about this activity is the healthy benefits that come to the body and the mind.

Clearly a growth industry in burning calories is upon us even if it was a virus that kick-started it.

The only thing lacking today in January is freshly fallen snow.

Let it snow.

Let it snow.

Let it snow.

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