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Western Ave Grill

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

IT HAD BEEN SIX YEARS since my last visit to the Western Ave Grill in Glen Arbor. The idea of having a Friday get together came from an invitation by my Traverse City buddy who had received half-off dinner coupons as a Christmas gift.

Near sunset, we headed from Frankfort, traveling north on M-22. The fact that it hadn’t been snowing for days in early January made the drive even more appealing. After a relaxing trip on these dry roads, void of four-legged intruders, we arrived in Glen Arbor. We had the pick of several parking spots and expressed our appreciation for the off-season in northern Michigan.

A couple toddies at the bar caught us up on our already waning New Year’s resolutions and served to energize our next move as we headed with glass in hand to the dining room. An overly bright light at our booth was nicely dimmed by my friend’s quick turn of his hand. We settled into our darkened booth and our attention soon focused on the crackling fire across the room and the menu.

The atmosphere was splendid.

We were greeted by a most attentive waiter and during his introductions discovered that perch, or walleye, were the featured dinner specials. This seemed to spark our decision-making and we ordered the fish specials. Our entrees were accompanied by a homemade dill tartar sauce. We eagerly shared bites expressing both surprise and delight at the exceptional flavor of these hot and tasty morsels. Our unanimous conclusion, these fried fish fillets were the best we had had in years. The French fries and coleslaw were also excellent.

If this presentation and quality can be duplicated on my next visit, I will be happy to move the Western Ave Grill as a prime candidate to being one of our Best of the Best in 2020.

A hearty toast your way!

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