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The Magic of Lists

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

AUGUST IS FAST UPON US. Many chores remain in limbo. My laundry dryer vent hose that detached in the winter is still not connected, and my workbench’s surface is a mess waiting for my spring organizing push. These are true statements that represent for me my less than stellar record of getting chores done around my loft.

I am a procrastinator, but very open about it.

In contrast to me, my girlfriend is so organized and rather skillful with her purposeful routine that she follows every day. I suppose some might tag her obsessive, but it sure works for her. She’s calm and happy and not surrounded by partially completed projects like me. Things are nicely in place for her and not to be rearranged or altered by anybody but her. She oversees her life quite successfully.

Reflecting here, I’m thinking I need to go back to making lists and get on with a more organized approach to getting things done. I used to be excellent at achieving goals from a list of objectives in my businesses. Perhaps there are lessons for me to revisit.

Simply writing down prospects and sales goals and monitoring them became a way of life in my firm. My business associates weren’t early fans of this documentation but with time it became accepted. And it kept me happy. It worked its magic where the income earned for our sales agency members was way above average.

My brothers and I used to kid my mother about being the “Queen of Lists”. She was a taskmaster and organized her home and family so she could enjoy gardening or golf in her free time. It worked for her. She just checked off each task and the slips of written notes would disappear into the wastebasket. She was a great role model.

The other factor I’m dealing with today is noticing I’m becoming forgetful, and a written list would help this situation. Perhaps, with my forgetfulness I’ll begin to move forward in life not remembering there are chores to complete? Until that stage is upon me, I’d better make a list -- it seems a much better proposition to embrace than not.

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