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Masked Men

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

IT SEEMS THAT MOSTLY women are wearing masks these days in my little lakeside village in northern Michigan, now three months into this pandemic. I am so confused by the recommendations. I have evolved to don my blue and white mask only at the supermarket, hoping I might be getting a two-for-one by also halting E. Coli from entering my body.

What got my funny bone last week was walking into my bank with my mask in place and wondering what reaction I would have been met with from the bank teller prior to this Covid-19 thing? Likely she would have thought I was a famous bank robber and not the less than famous writer of this blog.

My golf course pro shop now has a handwritten note on the glass entry door that says masks are not required to enter. How unfunny this all is.

With a bit of irony, I flash back to The Lone Ranger, and for the life of me why did he wear that mask over his eyes and not his mouth?

He would never had made it in 2020.

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