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Kirk Douglas Tribute

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

I LEARNED TODAY OF THE DEATH of Kirk Douglas. He was 103.

In the eyes of many he lived an exemplary life. I remember his cleft chin from his movies. In my younger days I wanted to be muscular like he appeared in his award winning movie, Spartacus - Great pecs, Kirk!

His autobiography came my way over these last few years and in it he composed a poem about the death of one of his sons who had become addicted to drugs. It really made a mark in my life. It follows below, and I thank him for this piece of art. It makes me cry.

As he wished, he is now with his son, and that makes me happy.

For Eric

I sit by your grave and weep,

Silently, not to disturb your sleep.

Rest in peace my beautiful son

It won't be long before we are one,

While I lie down by your side.

And talk, no secrets to hide.

Tell me, Eric, what did I do wrong?

What should I have done to make you strong?

Now I sit here and cry,

Waiting to be with you when I die.

Kirk Douglas from Life Could be Verse.

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