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Giant Pumpkins

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

GIANT PUMPKINS MAKE ME SMILE. The one in this photo came in at 1,316 pounds grown in Loomis Michigan down near Clare. It will be carved very soon by Frankfort’s own Ed Moody -- an aficionado of such pursuits. His carvings change each year attesting to his discerning eye and rare talents. Pumpkin growers from around the nation know our “Pumpkin Ed”, happy to see his creations that delight Halloween lovers from all over the midwest.

A little research has discovered that growing colossal pumpkins began as a hobby in Nova Scotia starting with a single buff-colored seed and tended to by a hen-pecked husband. Legend has it that the fella was met by a skeptical wife who blurted out, “You want to do what” upon learning of his intentions.

Adding manure, sunlight, and copious amounts of water began a lifetime fascination with natural selection helping create more mass in the pumpkins – and it was also rumored that the pumpkins mirrored his wife's shape though she preferred inputs of pork, potatoes, and applejack.

A 2,000-pound pumpkin is a new goal and is just a few seasons away. University researchers are now in the fray. For my money, I’m banking on enthusiasts and entrepreneurs to figure out the pathways to success. Growing giant pumpkins is not theory but good old gut and gumption.

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