• Robert Adams

At My Doorstep

Updated: Jul 1, 2020

WHAT CONTINUES TO AMAZE ME is the beauty I see each day as I work around Lake Bluff Preserve, our group rental properties just north of Frankfort.

The dunes in NW Michigan support grasses and flowers that serve as pollen banks to a vast array of annual critters. At this time of year, the Yellow Swallow-tail butterfly is one of those stars in the universe. I watched one floating among the flowers that have begun to pop-up everywhere in sweeps of yellow and orange.

They surely are a gift for all the universe.

The Swallow-tail seemed to take in the sunshine and wind as if his wings were designed for this open space that rests 300’ above the waters of Lake Michigan. I paused for just a minute in my work to take him in and thought how can anything be this magnificent? 

What a great feeling to be part of this plan.

I discovered that he lasts but two weeks in this winged state, and then dies.

Come see this magic on your walks along M-22, knowing two weeks can be a lifetime for some of us.

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