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  • Robert Bruce Adams

Bee Stings

I WAS STUNG BY A BEE LAST WEEK when I was deadheading a flowering plant in my girlfriend’s garden. I haven’t been stung in years. While it was annoying, and quite a surprise, it didn’t hurt as much as I remembered from my younger days. I guess bees still do not like to be pinched, especially when their sleeping.

My childhood neighbor used to make a paste for relieving bee stings. I think it was a mixture of baking soda and honey, as I recall. It seems my bare back was a favorite target for wasps and bees who had made their home in a slate wall that bordered the neighbor’s yard. After an attack, Mrs. Ludington would apply the white paste and it seemed to suck the venom out, or so I thought. It was sure nice to have the attention of a caring adult to attend to my wounds.

As a kid, I remember playing outdoors morning, noon, and night. It was certainly my number one focus, finding so many things to do. School was the only obligation that got in the way of my adventures. I’m noticing today that our youth and their cell phones have banded together and are replacing tree forts, touch football, digging holes to China and ice hockey. I’m purporting that a new reality is in the making and our human brains are being conditioned by these ever present electronic devices.

Perhaps, my youthful experiences are why I still love gardening and getting my nails dirty at my advancing age. However, it sure is nice to "google" the best home remedy for bee stings.

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