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  • Robert Bruce Adams

Oysters and Vines

NANCY AND I DECIDED TO DROP INTO one of our Leelanau wineries last Saturday. What a delightful experience we had at Brengman Brothers up on top of Crain Hill Road, just one mile from M-22. Pairing their wines with fresh oysters is close to brilliant. Congrats to their creative offerings!

What hit me, how fortunate we were to be able, in a mere ten minutes, to transform ourselves from the work-a-day world of real estate to capture a “feeling” that I describe as being “a tourist in my own town.”

After one hour, we experienced that mix of endorphins and alcohol. I’ll let someone smarter than me elaborate on the pleasure centers found in my brain. I’ll simply refer to it as feelings of “mirth.” This is one of the signatures of a great lifestyle found along the M22 Lakeshore Trail.

Thank you, Brenda and Lauren for making our one hour so very special.

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