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Writing Away

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

WRITING CAME TO ME much later in life. I still wonder why this newer calling even landed in my lap? It clearly was not some lifetime goal, or passion. I was a very mediocre English student and my grade school teachers certainly would attest to that fact. They are likely rolling over in their graves smiling with the knowledge that I took up pen and paper.

It has become my morning charge to literally put words down, now using the magic of a keyboard supplied on my HP laptop. I start with a single thought in the form of a sentence, or expression and go from there. Today, my writing is mostly centered on observations gathered from living in NW Michigan, thirty miles west of Traverse City.

I fine-tune the creations with touches here and there transforming them into my written posts. An old saying comes to my mind about this process. I am simply adding “spit and polish” to the initial thought and statement.

Proper grammar and punctuation are still a bit elusive for me and tutorials certainly are not my favorite form of enlightenment; But I work at it, as evidenced in this essay. The world’s ever-changing acceptance of a less formal lexicon perhaps has helped a guy like me.

The lessons today seem to center around trying to simplify the descriptive nature of my words as they come into my consciousness. I also add a little humor into the mix which arises quite spontaneously. Subtle, little, Bobisms, seem to work.

I wonder what my next piece will bring?

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