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Wisdom in Words

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

DISCOVERING AN ARRANGEMENT OF WORDS deep in the pages of the books I am reading has stirred my curiosity. The words I'm focusing on are those that grab your attention seemingly from nowhere, and often when you least expect it. The sensation, "the wow," is the basis for my newest approach in my writing that delves into this phenomenon that delivers both surprise and delight.

The idea took shape after sharing this observation with my older brother. He too is an avid reader. A collection of words that come together and make a memorable impression became the source of this shared fascination. It is simply a group of words that hits you right between the eyes as they jump from the page. The excerpt comes to life and pops with meaning.

I’m testing the waters to see if this approach could create an opportunity to send me blissfully down a new path in my own creative writing.

As an example, Beach Music, by Pat Conroy, Page 173.

“I do not know why it is that I have always been happier thinking of somewhere I have been or wanted to go, than where I am at the time. I find it difficult to be happy in the present.”

These sentences are contrary to my own opinions, but I accept their point for reference. If I looked back or forward too frequently I would be violating the joy and happiness that I find living in the present. I embrace my immediate environs, thankful to be in the middle of the here and now, happy and content in my own skin. I feel sorry for this fictional chap with his observations. It is the present that impresses me, not fond memories or hopeful pursuits. In this instance the words jump out in contrast and help define what it is that makes me tick.

Thank you.

Welcome to my newest writing adventure. I am most appreciative for this bond with my authors and readers. It will be a tribute to creative wordsmithing capturing words that dazzle and sometimes provoke. It recognizes the skills of the authors whose craft is born from their blood, and sweat, and love of pen. I trust my own skills enough to judge their merit. After all these special words caught my fancy and therein lies the magic of it all.

Now, I just need to come up with a file name so I can keep these gems in a secure and retrievable spot.

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