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Winter Wonderland

Updated: Jan 30

WHAT A DIFFERENCE A WEEK has made to our winter weather. Months of little snow and warm temperatures had me believing that there was some validity to theories about global warming.


In mid-January all that conjecture came to a screeching halt when our temperatures plummeted for five straight days resulting in massive snow piles everywhere. It seems like a good old-fashioned winter has finally taken hold. The forecast however has temperatures moderating just a bit for the following week.

I expect to see the inland lakes in my region begin to have safe ice so anglers can enjoy catching crappies, perches, and walleye. What a blast to set their tip-ups at their favorite fishing spots. I smile reminiscing about man-made shanties that I have viewed and used over the years.

Catching a fish and watching it come through the hole in the ice is one of the great delights of living in the beautiful north woods. Most people near the equator can’t fathom such an experience. They think we’re half-crazy fishing on the ice.

Only half?

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