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Winter's Coming

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

SNOW IS ARRIVING LATER TODAY in such a gentle way. It is late November and a large weather pattern is making its way slowly into the region. The system has no real punch to it, and only an inch or two of snow is forecast. Not much to be concerned about when compared to what will be coming in the future.

My townspeople’s attention is more directed at decorating cut fir trees and storefront windows than focusing on the town’s first snowfall. Perhaps it is their pragmatism that is coming through where they embrace this annual task of decorating the village for the holidays before the snow really takes hold. Seems sensible.

Most the fallen tree leaves have finally settled into their winter resting places, and the green, gold and tan landscapes that gradually revealed themselves during the month of November are patiently waiting for the first frozen flakes to cover them in a blanket of snow. This single event completely alters the landscapes in northern Michigan and is a first step to months and months of precipitation that can be downright brutal bringing piles of snow and frigid cold that seems to go on forever.

And the wind off the big lake - Yikes!

Have you noticed a distinct change from my initial welcoming tone?

The realization that winter can last a very long time in our northern region begs at the wisdom of living year-round near the 45th parallel on planet Earth. But the changes in season are the bedrock of my fondness for living here and this fact alone makes it my justification to all who ask, “Why stay here year-round?”

I will table this debate for this year and head down to my storage area to retrieve my winter wardrobe thankful that I have the items bundled in a plastic bag, somewhere. And, further, I just thanked my landlord for having two sources of heat running in my loft, one uses natural gas and the other electricity. I'm covered by diversity and that is a good thing when it comes to staying warm.

One last thought, I remember wrangling over the price for my new car lease last fall with my dealership's salesman. It seemed that saving $7 a month was important to me at the time, so I chose not to get heated seats or a remote start. He had only one car on the entire lot that was without these options. That vehicle became mine.

Do you think that might have been a clue?

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