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Welcome Meyer Lemon

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

ANOTHER SEASON COMES TO A CLOSE. My cherry tomatoes hung in there until late October. During the month I planted spring bulbs, moved a couple perennial plants, and cleaned up the “bio-mass” my garden produced. (This entails cutting back leaves and stems of perennials and discarding annuals). I have put my little garden to bed in preparation for winter’s role in its existence.

My thoughts have now turned to bringing in my “indoor” plants that loved the three hours of sunlight that my front porch afforded. My mission is finding spots that they will thrive in for the winter. It is a challenge. My collection of plants consists of a rubber tree, a wandering Jew, Two philodendrons, and a huge fern. My experience has me starting over each spring with ferns rather than trying to continue them inside. But I am a bit stubborn and will attempt salvaging my fern one more time.

I now want a Meyer lemon tree since my girlfriend’s tree this week produced a small lemon that is very green. It is exciting to us. My descriptive words are an oxymoron bound in a paradox. What a surprise to us as it produced this little orb undetected for a good month under our careful watch. Yes, there were fragrant flowers, but no fruiting body seemed to come forth. Wrong. I love surprises that plants deliver. As an example, have you ever dug potatoes with your hands? What a blast.

The tending to gardens for fun is exactly what is my newer charge with a goal of no more than twenty minutes a week in the garden contributing to my state of happiness. Years ago, gardening was much more of a chore. I like my cutting back.

Here’s to the lemon growing bigger and becoming bright yellow.

It’s always the small things in life that bring great joy.

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