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Welcome Dos Arboles

Updated: May 28, 2022

I HAVE BEEN WATCHING a new restaurant in Frankfort take shape with eager anticipation. I’ve motored by it for most of 2021 and 2022 watching its incremental progress as the restaurant has risen on the corner. I snapped this photo of their new sign last week framed by our beautiful morning sky. It is a very attractive logo.

The restaurant's name and the story behind it are intriguing. My first guess for Dos Arboles translated correctly to Two Trees. Close examination and local knowledge tell more of the story. It is right next to the very successful Birch & Maple and expands the owners' footprint with this new addition. It all makes sense. Two trees, birch and maple, and two hospitality establishments right next to each other. Perhaps, this is what they meant by a double entendre? I might be mixing too many symbols?

Their website states: "Natalie Crawford will push Mexican cuisine to the limit, bringing bright, adventurous flavors and locally grown ingredients onto the plate."

I end today's post with two thoughts. The rooftop deck will be a homerun and should I dare try tequila again?

Dos pulgares arriba (Translates as Two Thumbs Up!)

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