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Weddings On The Bluffs

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

ONE OF THE IRONIES IN MY LIFE happens to be my newest venture managing a specialty property on the bluffs of Lake Michigan outside of Frankfort geared to destination weddings.

Having been married three times gives me some insight in such celebrations. Remember, I also am a humorist, and it helps me in tackling the challenge of helping host the special property for such memorable events.




1. expert skill or knowledge in a particular field.

My wonderful business associates are both females, and they do their best at keeping me away from handling tours and reservations for prospective brides and their mothers. I do far better on intakes with groups of golfers who drink a lot and know how to start a gas grill when the electric starter is on the fritz. I'm also good at picking up trash and barking at service suppliers when necessary.

We work with wedding planners, tent companies, caterers, and cake makers. We have our recommended vendor list that changes from the experiences our guests express and from our own dealings. These service suppliers are generally quite nice to work with and we all come together to deliver a most memorable event.

Stress is all part of the preparation in planning and delivering such a memorable event. Thank goodness my business partner had thirty years of managing hospital emergency rooms where stress is swirling in the air and her calm attitude always champions the day.

Thank you, Nancy and daughter Dawn, our reservation specialist, you are absolute gems.

“If flip-flops and sandals and the love of the outdoors are in your universe,

you will enjoy your wedding-cation at Lake Bluff Preserve.”

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