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Thoughts On Writing

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

IN THE FALL OF 2022, I published my second Amazon (KDP) book. It is rather well-written and makes me smile. I must admit that it is very nice to hold the book in my hands to reread the essays that I placed in the collection. It appears that I am one of the few who thinks this way as sales sort of suck.

I resolve this conundrum by posting this essay and purporting that this is an example of my self-deprecating humor that is often at the center of my stories.

Rejection seems to be the way for many aspiring authors. It is highlighted in this rather pithy op-ed that came to me in the Wall Street Journal to start the new year.

It was more than timely. Like this first-time author, Chelsea Banning I certainly relate to her angst. At least she dared to try a book signing. It certainly sets the stage for a life lesson in pulling oneself up by the bootstraps -- a useful skill throughout one’s life. Getting books sold is not the easiest of tasks. This WSJ story has a nice ending. “Going viral,” with the help of cheerleaders in the form of Stephen King and Henry Winkler.

I write because it's pleasurable, and I enjoy its centering effect. It has become a truly anchoring aspect in my life -- one of my better habits. It is also a medium that helps me be more resilient -- much like the authors portrayed in the WSJ piece. Writing brings me joy and makes me proud. Using a psychology term from my college days - it is also cathartic. (I’m still not sure what that means.)

Over the last decade, I attended workshops and book signings to test the waters but never got the bug to attempt to promote my books. I enjoy public speaking and am pretty good at it, so, it isn’t fear of audiences. Maybe I’m just lazy? I like to read about famous authors who become popular after their deaths. That is more my speed.

I am registered on Facebook (Robert Bruce) and view it occasionally. I’m afraid that “friending” individuals is not in my portal of interest. My main input consists mostly of blocking others' posts. I guess that is empowering, but more likely it is not productive and inhibits “networking” which is the basis of social media and is the new marketing template for book sales. I’m not too interested in the approach.

Such an enigma is found when writing essays to be published, especially when you like privacy.


For those who have an interest in writing, I have two authors that are both prolific and creative whom I highly recommend:

Julia Cameron, the author of The Artist’s Way, is my favorite. Her famous book helped mentor my writing habits a decade ago. She just happened to be at the right place, at the right time, helping to inspire my latent craft. I have thanked her before in my published works. She is a life coach for me -- an inner voice that came to me as I began this new endeavor. More recently, I attended a book signing and author presentation at the Opera House in Traverse City for Anna Quindlen. Her newest book, Write for Your Life, which I finished in two days. It is beautifully written and insightful and champions the importance of recording your everyday musings.

If you are interested in reading my new book, it can be ordered on Amazon or if you run into me when I’m out and about I have a few copies stashed in my trunk.

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