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Those Darn Squirrels

Updated: Dec 1, 2020

I’VE DECIDED TO BUY SOME SPRING BULBS and plant them in my garden off my porch here in mid-October. I will likely forget that I performed this planting unless I leave some marker indicating they are buried in the soil in my pot, or maybe I should write myself a note on my refrigerator. Old-fashioned red tulips and yellow daffodils are in my thoughts.

My local garden center has 75% off pricing this time of year. Hard to pass by such a bargain.

I learned recently that the squirrels love to dig up bulbs. This forgotten reality came back to me after I planted an array of fancy bulbs at my girlfriend’s garden a couple weeks ago. It frustrated me after all the preparation that these pesky little critters could sabotage my work. They had no regard for house rules.

I am now contemplating buying a spring-loaded Crossman BB pistol to shoot at them. This act alone pulls at my conscience because I am a lover of wildlife that appear in my yard. I encourage their visits and talk to them as they feast on sunflower seeds at my birdfeeder.

But squirrels digging up my bulbs doesn’t sit well with me. This action of shooting at them may just dissipate enough anger to keep my sanity.

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