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Spring Has Sprung

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

SPRING HAS ARRIVED JUST OFF MY PORCH. It is a very welcomed sign. The pussy willow tree just south of my front door is full of fuzzy buds and the migratory birds are frequenting the tubular feeder in my garden. It has been a long winter even if the snowfall is reported to be down 40% from normal.

Not three weeks ago when my yard was still covered in snow I cut a dozen long branches from this large willow after I decided to force their buds. Within two short days, they delivered. That was fast. This brought a most appreciative smile to my face.

I have now decided to walk across my street to the ornamental pear trees that line the trailhead parking lot and collect a few branches to add to my forcing collection. While they are part of the village property I have trimmed their persistent suckers over the years and feel that my Master Gardener status could qualify me as helpful to their health and appearance. Cutting a few branches for early flowering will likely be tolerated. If not, I will simply ask for forgiveness and blame my behavior on being cooped-up for a year.

Spring is such a glorious time and I will enjoy nature at work on my kitchen counter.

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