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Spring Cleaning

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

I LIVE IN A SMALL THREE STORY LOFT in Beulah, Michigan. It sits on the edge of the quaint village overlooking the eastern shore of Crystal Lake.

The village is experiencing a rebirth in commerce, attracted by investments in new sidewalks and street lighting thanks to pursuing redevelopment grants. Businesses have sprung up offering craft foods and beverages. Early indications show they are being warmly received. I am hopeful that they will give the village the spark it needed and deserved, especially as the pandemic restrictions ease.

I came here from Traverse City after a late season divorce. As I was adjusting to single life, the condo I was renting was foreclosed by some far away financial institution leaving me without a place to call home. I also had a cat that unexpectedly landed in my lap during the divorce. I was conceiving a plan through this abrupt relocation news, when out of the blue, an old college friend offered me and my cat his short-term rental to use until I decided what I was doing.

Such serendipity with his offer, especially after a few glasses of bourbon sparked our creativity. I'm attracted to out of the blue opportunities. Taking stock of my rather shaky situation, I found myself homeless, stuck with a grumpy cat, and just starting my first book. Thank goodness my friend was losing interest in cleaning his loft between rentals. He liked my cat, who happened to hit a soft spot in his crusty make-up. Such is fate. My gut and pocketbook told me it was a good offer.

That was almost a decade ago.

During this period, I finished and published my memoirs, completed a second book, and launched a writer’s blog. This essay will likely make the list. Like it has a choice.

The years have flown by and this winter, again over bourbon, my buddy decided that the loft needed some updates. I am acting as the contractor where we are adding new carpeting, a new roof, interior and exterior paint, and installing new vinyl porch railings. These were needed improvements that hopefully will add to the value of the house, at least that is how I presented it to him.

So, with these projects in the pipeline, I have taken special interest in cleaning cabinets and cupboards and dusting behind the appliances. I have also learned about folding clothes right out of the dryer. Deep cleaning usually only occurred when I was expecting a special guest for a weekend visit, like my landlord.

I am beginning to like to keep things tidy and in order, just for me.

Ah, life brings so many surprises.

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1 Comment

Nov 18, 2020

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