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Push the Button

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

SUNSETS AND GORGEOUS FALL COLORS are appearing in photos quite regularly on Facebook. I enjoy viewing them, always wondering if they are captured on expensive cameras or simply with iPhones, like I possess?

I never caught the camera bug as I went through life. It seems I was missing that gene of comprehension and interest. So, I welcomed my phone having a lens and camera built right into it. I must admit that there were advanced operating directions and editing features that I passed over. Occasionally, I capture a photo that is really good. It surprises me, and makes me proud, even if it is mostly pure luck.

These back lit grasses (Miscanthus sinensis) featured above are a nice example.

It was taken a few years ago. Late September brings earlier sunsets and I simply took my phone in hand and hit the camera icon, aimed, and snapped the shot. My phone used to make a lens shutter noise to let me know it worked. I just remembered that. What happened to that feature? I liked it. It was so reassuring.

Time to roust the boys and have them help me re-program that audible confirmation.

And you thought Pavlov was only referring to dogs’ salivating.

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