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Out My Door

Updated: Oct 18, 2021

IN MY MINDFULNESS PUSH where stress in my world is minimized, I’m learning to focus on the contentment found in the here and now. I so appreciate the blessings my world keeps delivering me. It is a good way to approach daily life, but it takes some practice and concentration. A basic tenet in the philosophy of mindfulness is not being judgmental. I do not score well on this point, but I’m working at it.

I am a most seasoned person that still enjoys the journey, trying more than ever to avoid things that brings stress to my life. Electronic media is right up there. It must be seriously minimized. I have turned more to reading and writing to fill my days with joy and happiness. I avoid watching the evening news and, of course, the Detroit Lions. These actions are meant to reduce stress. As my earlier essays suggest the outdoors is my go-to sanctuary and delivers gifts in all respects.

Early October is one of my favorite months. Warm sunny days and cool nights are ushered in. Let’s face it, those pumpkins and gourds are a delight to come upon as one ventures out. The orbs are all around in NW Michigan and am I very thankful. The plant breeding by seedsmen now deliver so many sizes, shapes, and colors. How fun. Go out and enjoy the drive mindful of the wonder that is all around.

I am thankful for the abundance of crops the land produces, even if it is a bit on the sandy side.

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