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Our First Lemon

Updated: Dec 31, 2023

ISN’T THIS A GORGEOUS LEMON. It is Christmas week and I’m just about to enjoy the “fruits of our labor” by finally harvesting this specimen from our five-year-old potted Meyer lemon tree. It is the first time a lemon has made it to full-term in size and color. We are thrilled and have enjoyed sharing this success with our dwarf tree. How fun is that!

The tree goes indoors each fall in Nancy’s loft for a good five months where it sits in front of windows with a western exposure. While we are thrilled to watch the lemons grow, the flowering stage is another highlight of our tree and takes place a couple of times a year producing white blossoms and flowers that produce an irresistible fragrance. What has amazed me is this flowering takes place even when it is full of small green lemons from an earlier pollination. Perhaps this trait is a bit of an anomaly with our tree.

Tonight, during cocktails I plan on picking the ripe lemon and will prepare a small section that will be added to my vodka over ice.

One last thought. How did we ever resort to calling a new car that does not perform a lemon?


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