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On Being Astonished

Updated: Mar 8

The Chief Prevention from Getting Old Is to Remain Astonished.

Kevin Kelly


AS A YOUNG FATHER I reinforced my children's interests by responding positively to their curiosity about all things in their universe. Their elation over learning new things was contagious – and they were forever astonished by what the world brought their way. This behavior always brought a smile to my face.

I would give an ear to their many inquiries - during bedtime stories, when we were outdoors, or when they were buckled in their infant seats in my car during our Saturday outings. It brought me great joy to help with their learning. “What’s that Daddy,” was foremost in their articulations.

The boys would beam with delight when learning the simplest things. Their day-to-day discoveries created a bond between us, bringing much joy to our father-and-son relationship that has lasted a lifetime.

I ran across the above saying in my morning social media feeds first gravitating to my early experiences with my sons (as described), and then I began looking inward taking stock of my behavior as I’m a true-blue senior citizen a couple of months from turning seventy-five.

This saying is directed at those of us who are getting older, and I must admit that I’m a fan of learning new things and trying new experiences. I’m good at walking into new circumstances and equally at ease to exit if a place does not have the “right feel.” Trusting one’s gut has become foremost in my personality. I’m proposing that this behavior falls under the umbrella of “remaining astonished,” but with limits.

My request to us Adams boys is to remain astonished and curious and remind me that positive delight can be found in anything outside of politics.

 I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.

Albert Einstein

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