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New December Tradition

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

HERE IT IS EARLY DECEMBER. I’ve gotten used to the time change and I’m absolutely eating more than I should. Yesterday, out of nowhere, I baked three Mrs. Field’s Snickerdoodle break-away cookies and topped them with a mix of granulated sugar and nutmeg -- my goodness, they were tasty.

I’m making a rye-caraway bread recipe that calls for an 18-hour proof. To join this gluten-based masterpiece, I will prepare an iron skillet braised brisket of corned beef. It might be a bit early for Hannukah or St. Patty’s Day but what the heck, I'm getting a jump on both holidays here in early December.

I’m simply in the mood.

I found a Traverse City-based O’Brien-packaged corned beef in my market. For the last few years, I have headed away from crockpots and boiling water choosing a low-temperature oven roast. It is four hours into its roasting and the fragrance wafting upstairs to my office is very pleasant. Two more hours to go.

I will utilize the braised corn beef in a few recipes. Later today, I'll chop up a small red cabbage and make a simple German sweet and sour dish and enjoy slices of corned beef with mashed potatoes. Tomorrow, I will grill a Reuben using my rye bread slices and gruyere cheese, and sauerkraut. Then finally, over the weekend, I will marry up diced potatoes, onions, and corned beef scraps producing a delectable hash topped with a poached egg and ketchup. A slice of rye toast with cherry jam will complete my breakfast. I'll crack an egg into a little prepared nest in the hash and cover the pan and let it steam until done. (It's hidden under parsley in the above photo.)

This was a great couple of days for me, and I welcome this new early December ritual.

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