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Nancy's Loft

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

I HAVE BEEN BUYING BOUQUETS OF TULIPS each week hoping that their presence will energize the larger universe to get its act together and begin to warm the earth so that my own planted bulbs can begin their show in my gardens. No such luck, quite yet.

My wishful thinking has me trying to keep my chin up hoping that signs of spring will really come and reward me for withstanding another long winter in northern Michigan. Actually, it was a rather mild winter for most of January and February, but March toyed with these niceties and decided to energize the normal curve by delivering bone chilling mornings with lots of wind. A heap of snow on St. Patty’s Day was the crowning blow. Yikes.

This photo was taken in Nancy’s loft. It called to me to capture the soft backlit effect of the sun streaming through her south facing window. Thank goodness for my iPhone with its ease of snapping photos and my recall of Dutch painter Vermeer’s singular ability to capture light in his intimate moods in his canvas paintings. Not quite a Vermeer, but not bad.

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