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My New Porch

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

I JUST COMPLETED MY NEW VINYL PORCH that replaced a deteriorating wooden porch that was on its last legs. I tried repairs over the years, but Mother Nature was brutal and kept winning the battle. The wooden porch lasted a little over twenty years and I’m guessing that is quite the average for such construction with the four seasons we face near the 45th Latitude.

I researched the various brands that were available in vinyl and composites and elected, with my landlord’s approval, a Trex brand of vinyl posts and railings.


As you can see by the photo it turned out quite nicely.

It is early July and most the upgrades are now a couple days behind me. I touched-up door trim on both floors and shall await installation of a custom banister that is on back-order. Climbing stairs without a banister is a bit of a challenge. How funny to discover that truth.

My wicker chairs are also made of a vinyl woven material and they cleaned up nicely with the magic that a power washer brought to the project.

Such is life in NW Michigan. It took some elbow grease and determination, but a new porch certainly beats prepping a boat for a couple months of questionable pleasure...

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