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My Local Library

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

I AM WAITING IN ANTICIPATION for the easing of restrictions around the Covid-19 pandemic that has prevented me from participating in some of my happy routines in northern Michigan. My biggest disruption to my lifestyle was the closing of my local library. OK, the Governor’s order that shuttered my favorite watering hole and local golf course was also troubling, but I will save those topics for another day.

Benzonia Library is housed in a 1910 historical red brick building that has been repurposed many times in its life. I long for the good feeling I get while visiting it. The shiny hardwood floors and the stacks and stacks of books and little seating nooks all make me happy. A computer at the front desk helps patrons review what books they have checked out over the years. How good is that and far better than relying on one’s memory. The staff is delightful and calming, and I like that. I miss the entire experience of going to my library.

Yes, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

I read about the reopening of one of Seattle's farmers markets and learned about all the new protocols that were required in buying local fresh produce. I suspect this is a sobering reminder of what is to come at my own library in the backwash of the pandemic.

Will I have to wear a mask and plastic gloves? I want to browse through the shelves, but if I have to order on-line from a list from their inventory, that will work fine. Maybe they will have to move to a pick-up window, or expanded drop box?

The bottom-line, there will be a new protocol at my local library and I’m ready to learn all about it and follow the new procedures.

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