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My Approach to Grilling

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

IT IS FATHER’S DAY WEEK. As I expected, morning TV shows are featuring chubby middle-aged men in flowered shirts donning rubberized aprons peddling the latest in outdoor grills and accessories. I was taken by the terminology that had to be comprehended to know what these contraptions were capable of doing. It is reminiscent of my foray into websites where I’m still wrestling with what a browser is.

One of my golfing buddies just got the latest in pellet grills at Sam’s for $100 off the $599 price tag. He felt this was a gift that he had to have to celebrate the holiday. I’m guessing it was also to protest the high price of propane. I declined his nice offer to take his old gas grill in an “as-is” condition that was sitting on his backyard deck. It reminded me of seeing sofas in front of houses with large painted signs that say, “Free”. At least I saw the similarity, but it might just be me.

My own approach to summer grilling is featured in the above photo. It is the old reliable Smokey Joe® 14” grill. I just learned that it has a cooking area that measures 147 square inches. That is impressive, to say the least, and makes any insecurity about my grilling manliness flitter away. This one I have had for about five years. Note the newspaper-activated chimney starter that rests next to it. I think it was my brother Dick’s suggestion. He is an anti-fossil fuel advocate so lighter fluid is not in his life. It was a very good suggestion, and my hamburgers no longer have hints of lighter fluid and I’m helping the environment.

I feel so fortunate to have this little Weber® grill and chimney starter where I can light the charcoal from a wooden match and crumpled newspaper and then clean it later with a garden hose allowing carbon to reenter the soil in my garden.

It is the small things that make the world spin at my house.

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