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May Flowers

Updated: May 15, 2022

HERE IT IS THE MIDDLE of May. The long winter is behind us. Traverse City recorded the highest temperature ever of 96 F beating a previous record by ten degrees for the date. That same afternoon I chose to mow Nancy’s lawn and don’t recall ever having drunk so much water to stay hydrated. The good news, the lawn mower started after less than ten pulls. I brought this good fortune into my universe with a positive and fearless attitude.

I get a weekly newsletter from Northern Express, and their editor is talented at wordsmithing offering this little tidbit:

Remember that one day we had spring? That was so neat, right? Well, it's over. Summer has screamed into the North like a motorhome afire, and though our lake temps haven't quite caught up to the air temps, we aren't complaining. We're renewing our fishing licenses, slathering on the SPF, hitting the trails, and even --gasp!-- daring to stick those white puffy things we call our legs into shorts. Join us, won't you?

Good news, the forecast is more spring-like weather coming the second half of May and no hard freezes. Perhaps the May flowers will stick around for just a little longer.

I wonder if asparagus are peaking their heads through the ground?

How exciting!

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