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Legacy Writing

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

MY SECOND BOOK WILL BE PUBLISHED this summer. I now have some extra funds to tackle this undertaking. It will be nice to pull the trigger and finally get it printed and bound.

My new book is divided into three sections and one of these sections is entitled, My Legacy Collection. It is where I picked thirty-six essays I did over the last eight years that belonged in this grouping. I describe this in my introduction:

A suggestion by Andrew Weil, M.D., got my attention where he recommended legacy writing – a way to record one’s core values passing them on to those individuals important to you. My Legacy Collection, contains an assortment of essays whose topics have been central to my life. They are about views of the world that make me tick, and a few of them are about things that sort of piss me off. I still sprinkle the essays with humor, always mindful to add a bright spot here and there.

Ironically, this past Christmas my daughter-in-law gave me a year subscription to It is a newer web creation that prompts you on Monday’s to answer a question of the week, and after you submit fifty-two stories (1 year), will print them in a keepsake book to be shared with loved ones. It is a nice entrepreneurial idea with similar threads to Dr. Weil’s legacy writing suggestions. The site needs a little back-end refinement, but I am learning the program. The fact that they put you on a prompting schedule is a pretty neat feature.

Returning to my own creation has me contemplating the name my new book. Today, I've landed on - The Life and Times of Bob Adams. Easy to remember, even if it lacks originality. It offers glimpses at life’s inquiries told with my inner voice that brings good reading and adds a few laughs. Anyhow, not every title has to be a blockbuster.

As soon as I get the Amazon publication announcement, I’ll post it, and we shall watch the sales mount.

That, too, would be something new.

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