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Learning to Say No

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

LEARNING TO SAY “NO” was one of my great turning points that came to me in my forties.

I had gone down many dead-ends in business opportunities spinning my wheels and finally came to terms with this more focused approach to securing new contracts.

It was a life changer and led to my documenting quarterly goals and objectives and monitoring them for results. The lists quite simply kept me on track much like a quarter horse fitted with leather blinkers to help stay focused.

It was such a simple thing which made it effective. My typical prior behavior of saying yes to every opportunity was likely the high from adrenaline, afraid I might miss something. I began turning to this more thoughtful approach through my written plan and pursued projects with real focus and intensity.

After coming to terms with my discovery and watching my sales take-off, I then had my associates’ fashion the same behavior. Monitoring their objectives from a written list was done regularly in our staff meetings and successes began to accrue to the entire firm. It took them about a year to become believers in the results that this simple exercise produced.

A written plan was the best foundation for my enterprise and for my own mental health.

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