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Keeping One's Perspective

THESE LAST SIX MONTHS have delivered sobering news in the form of rising prices all around me for everyday goods and services. Groceries and gasoline are the most obvious -- both daily reminders of inflation and how fast $100 disappears during the week.

One of the leading indicators of inflation in my own backyard is the latest price for a bundle of firewood.

Some spots are now asking $6 for a wrapped bundle of hardwood logs. I was flabbergasted when they went from $2 a bundle at the beginning of Covid-19 to $3 then without taking a breath they skipped to $4 and landed at $5. Local woodsmen have decided to benchmark to crude oil futures that are published daily in the WSJ -- a smart group of entrepreneurs.

Always the optimist, I have good news. My vodka brand has remained the same price for four years. Now, if I can stay below the radar from my landlord, I might make it through this period. I am reminded that mortgage interest rates were 19% in 1980 when I was buying my first house.

It’s all about perspective.

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