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Here They Come

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

MY EXCITEMENT IS MOUNTING knowing my youngest son David and his family will soon arrive for a four-day late summer retreat in my neck of the woods.

It’s been since November when we last got together in Denver for a family outing. Hosted then by Rob and Megan (see photo).

The Adams Family has rented a house in Glen Arbor for three nights and then I will host them for Sunday night at Lake Bluff Preserve in Frankfort. A seafood and steak extravaganza is in the plan topped off by s’mores made fresh at one of our bluff fire pits.

We will be playing Arcadia Bluffs during the day and will use the evening to lick our battle scars from the round with the help of great smoked whitefish pate from Frankfort’s Port City Smokehouse joined by sparkling wines from St. Ambrose Cellars in Honor .

I supplied David with a list of eight of my favorite attractions that should be taken in as they traverse up and down the northern corridor of the iconic M-22 scenic highway. I was amazed that most of them involved libations of some repute.

Yes, we are tourists in our own town.

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