• Robert Adams

Grumpy Times

IT SEEMS THAT THIS COVID-19 has me grumpier than normal.

I am not sure that my friends are familiar with this newer state, because I have pretty much been hiding for months and my rather expressive face has been under the mask when I am out and about.

It is my own internal voice complaining and reeling from the constant news about this pandemic. To combat this newer orientation, I will use my power to set the stage of my recovery.

I will go fishing in one of our rivers with my new Orvis rod.

I will go play a best ball trying to match par on each hole at my golf course all by myself.

I will finally attend to my messy counter and file months of forgotten receipts.

I will participate in curbside pickup of books that is now available at my library.

I will turn over the grassy soil in my garden and make room for some new perennials.

Now folks, how can I remain grumpy with all these challenges?

Certainly not for long.

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