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Famous Footwear

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

I’M LAUGHING AT MY SHOES that are piled in a heap on my living room floor. As I take inventory, I realize they are all Skechers. 

Four years ago, I bought my first pair, thinking I was entering some brave new world by coming to terms with my more feminine side. Yes, I thought of the brand as a women’s shoe. Isn’t that odd how the world keeps changing right in front of my eyes. Maybe that perception was a mistake, or maybe people are saying, poor Bob, he’s losing it. 

So be it.

Skechers now have become my go to footwear for golf, walking, and work. Hell, I don’t even get a commission for recommending them. With the vast shelf space I see in stores devoted to Skechers it is unlikely that they need my help in sales.

For years, I watched grown men wear expensive leather sandals suspecting all along there was a woman behind their choice. Such a bad choice they are. Flip-flops on the other hand, I can understand, but for me that anchoring strap in between my two toes totally bugs me. It's kind of like choking on horseradish in a Bloody Mary is my odd analogy.

So, marketing gurus, how did Skechers evolve from a woman’s brand to be the only shoe I wear?


I don’t have a woman telling me what to wear, only what to do.

Yes, I may need help.

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