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Fall Mushroom Soup

COOLER WEATHER has arrived in northwest Michigan. It was predicted, but it has been a bone-chilling event for me. My sweatshirt sleeves have functioned as gloves for my fingers on my morning walks along Crystal Lake. I keep pondering, “I’m not ready for this.”

So, with this dramatic change in temperatures, my mood has turned to creating another favorite soup – a mushroom soup to enjoy for the coming rainy and cool weekend.

As I look back to sixty years of interest in food preparation mushrooms have evolved from canned novelties that I consumed on an occasional pizza (they were lacking in many dimensions) to fresh white buttons sauteed in butter, wine, and herbs on a strip steak - they were rather tasty. Today, I enjoy mushrooms in many different dishes and can't imagine not having a tub of them in my refrigerator.

I followed this recipe that I searched and found online. The browning of the sliced button mushrooms in butter was really a flavor enhancer to the soup. It took about ten minutes to do this first step but well worth the time. I also harvested Thyme and Oregano from my patio herb pot and the flavor they impart is like magic. Make sure you fish out the woody stems prior to immersion blending. The photo above gives the reader a hint of the basic inputs to this weekend's fall soup.

I'm heading to my girlfriend's house with a container of my soup after an overnight rest. I know she's going to enjoy it!

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