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Duck Soup

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

LIKE MOST OF US, I am following the mandates from our governmental officials in dealing with this pandemic and have become more acclimated to my physical isolation in my little loft in northern Michigan.

Transmission of airborne pathogens that started 5,000 miles away have become the newest twist in our global connectivity. I am trying to avoid becoming a causal agent in the spread of the COVID 19 virus. I thought sequestering myself in the sparsely populated north woods was a good idea. It still may be. We shall see.

I have taken to this quarantine and accept its prophylactic logic. I am also cognizant that I fit the profile of “high risk,” as I have not fared well with upper respiratory issues in my past. I do believe that the virus might have the uncanny ability to use my body. My concern that I could do harm to those in my sphere is causing an amazing behavioral change in me. The old boy can indeed learn new tricks.

I read an account of the 1918 Spanish Flu in the Smithsonian Magazine. It came to me over the internet just as our new pandemic was being declared. Apparently, this flu’s devastation came in three waves over a couple of years and killed millions. Body counts were estimated to be ten times battlefield losses in both our world wars. I’ve read that 50% of those infected died.

Those are sobering numbers.

So, as a humorist, how do I spin this to find some happy place? I think I'll pass.

What have we learned in a hundred years? Hindsight will be 20/20.

Hang in there.

Author's update:

I am reminded that we typically lose 100,000 people each month in the U.S. to a combination of heart disease and cancer. These truths are overshadowed by our single focus on the Covid-19 virus and it's tabulations by our media and politicians.

Life has many risks and the Lord knows we are all going to die from something. Each day is a waltz between survival and eternity.

This is my call for a major shift from our myopic focus.

Time to get on with living.

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