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Double Celebration

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

MY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING IS DONE. This signifies quite a change from my younger days when I was clearly a last-minute shopper. Thank goodness my childhood neighborhood merchant was Jewish as his general merchandise store was open Christmas morning. This was truly a blessing meant for me.

I would pedal my bike up to the store after finishing my paper route fresh with holiday tips and buy presents for the six members of my family. A play toy for Lady, our Springer, was usually in the mix if my tips were decent. I also recall buying Sophie Mae peanut brittle each year and I would only share the crunchy candy with my mother. It was our little secret as there was not enough to go around with my limited budget.

As time went by my family found the price of wrapping paper going through the roof, so we became skilled in utilizing leftover newspapers to serve as our holiday wrapping paper. If one was lucky you might have some bright colors on your present with the use of Sunday funnies.

I also recall learning how to make bows by using sharp scissors cutting out two little notches in the stacked ribbon and tying them so they could be fanned out creating some facsimile of a bow. Today, I smile reflecting at the effort it took to make these homemade bows, especially when I see a collection of twenty colorful bows at the Dollar Tree for $1. I can assure you this is an absolute steal.

My little sister Holly was born on Christmas Day. This coincidence turned out to be a godsend for me as it served as a cost saving strategy for many years having two celebrations met with one gift. Holly on occasion would voice her dismay over this unfair circumstance. But the complaint of sharing her birthday with Jesus never was carried too far in my family. Being struck down by the wrath of God was not something she relished. Holly was a smart little sister.

So, my shopping is done with a week to go, and I really have but one task left. Because of my good fortune I found both Christmas and Birthday cards for Holly that can fit in one envelope - saving me the cost of an extra stamp.

Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas, Bones!

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