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Autumn's Message

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

I JUST COMPLETED SELECTING PHOTOS for my website to feature the arrival of autumn. It is early September and those 40-degree nights have magically begun to return.

Leaves changing colors on distant maples seem to coincide with the appearance of pumpkins stacked in all sorts of places. There presence makes me smile. As we used to say,“Just like clockwork.”

Today the sun is shining, and I am inspired to take a long walk and focus on counting my blessings. I’ve been remiss at both of those exercises lately; needing to tend to my body and to my mind has never been so important.

In our rather unsettling year of 2020, it is nice to know that the predictability of nature is still assured. It can’t be cancelled, or delayed by some man-made decree. I like this form of authority far better than the recent actions taken by our elected leaders. The natural rhythms of the universe are so welcomed.

I absolutely love the fall. It is so much more appreciated this year.

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