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  • Robert Bruce Adams

Detroit's Coming Back

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

DETROIT IS COMING BACK. Led this time by the arrival of the autonomous vehicle and all the intelligent technology that goes with it. No hands driving really has arrived.

Jobs, and more jobs, are leading to a renewal of the once blighted city. A large number of well-educated citizens are moving back to the city and buying homes and renting lofts. There is optimism in the air, with few headwinds. This is such good news for Detroit, all of Michigan, and our nation.

I have to admit embedded in this praise are a few speed bumps. Detroit’s sports teams, who kept us hopeful and proud during those difficult decades, appear to have taken a break resting in the pits. As evidence, the Tigers are in last place this summer, the Red Wings for the third year in a row ended without making the playoffs and the Lions improved to a 6-10 record last season. Yes, they all basically stink, and this is most troubling. It seems not to fit in with the energized landscape the auto industry has delivered.

I have such fond memories of all three teams, first as a youngster, and then as an adult. I do remember at times not being able to give away Lion’s tickets in the 70s and 80s when they moved to the Silverdome in Pontiac. I finally convinced my boss that finding takers for our company’s mediocre seats for Sunday games wasn’t worth the effort.

I admit I am bothered by all their records.

Yet, the teams need our backing even if we might need to bite our lips just a bit. The greater Detroit community has supported our sports teams through thick and thin as the fans are cited nationally as some of the best.

One scenario on the plate, the teams will come back to their winning ways while the self-driving cars take over the world and Detroit will be envied by all becoming the darling of the media.

Do you think this can all happen?

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