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  • Robert Bruce Adams

Hope Springs Eternal

MY GOLF SWING IS NOT VERY CONSISTENT THESE DAYS and that truth is becoming quite an irritant to this old boy. In my younger days, I used to get around eighteen-holes in the mid-70s. I still have my moments, when my short game keeps me alive, but it usually doesn’t last. Additionally, my tee ball has lost 30 to 40 yards and adding to my woes, my putting is inconsistent. These all have something to do with my struggling eyesight and faltering body strength indicators of the aging process. I’ve tried many things to improve my performance. Let’s face it Father Time has caught up with me. It is that simple.

(One day later…)

Oh, my, one Kirkland brand vodka on ice prior to nine holes at my local course and Costco helped deliver ninety minutes of pure bliss. My drives were straight, my mid irons crisp, and two birdies came to me after knocking in a couple nice putts. I won $3 from my youngest son.

There is a certain buoyancy in my step today thinking that my form might be returning. I am seeking happy outcomes; and a positive mental attitude seems to be the elixir that I needed, perhaps with a little boost from my aiming fluid.

Believing is really the key.

I must remember: I’m a good putter, I’m a good putter, I’m a good putter.

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