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  • Robert Bruce Adams

Wedding Plans

A NEW ADVENTURE IS IN STORE FOR ME. I’m helping market a unique lake view property that has been developed over the last two years on the sandy bluffs of Lake Michigan just north of Frankfort. The views are simply spectacular. These three “cottages” can sleep around sixty people - a bit of a paradox in terms, don’t you think?

The seventy acres that the three and four-story houses stand on was acquired a few decades ago by a Pennsylvania businessman who had the vision to create this one-of-a kind rental complex. There is nothing like it along the 116-mile M22 scenic highway in NW Michigan. We are targeting guests for family reunions, corporate retreats, girls’ weekends, large golf outings, etc.

This weekend is our first wedding of the season. A large tent has been rented by the wedding party and all properties will be filled with well-wishers. I have stood on those bluffs in the early spring and felt the wind rising from below swirling around the steep escarpment propelling sand particles into your face. It can be an amazing experience of nature as winds often exceed 40 mph. Raw comes to my mind.

So, that image of a sunny beach wedding with seagulls soaring in the blue sky and the sweet fragrance of woodsy cedar comingling with the spring freshness of forest vegetation may be altered this coming weekend as some low from the Canadian provinces has taken hold and is barreling down from Lake Superior.

Weather forecasts are often wrong in NW Michigan.

But they are getting better. Reality can be so sobering. Here’s to Mawby’s sparkling white wines and lots of it!

Let the festivities begin.

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