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  • Robert Bruce Adams

Super Bowl Week

IT IS THE END OF JANUARY and besides the snow in our universe we are being bombarded by all forms of media in preparation for Super Bowl Sunday. It is in Atlanta this year and the team of the decade, the New England Patriots, will again be appearing. Their opponent will be the Los Angeles Rams.

I am amazed at my lack of will power for continuing my soft protest and boycott refusing to watch TV as my defiant statement to the actions of some of the NFL players. It does give me something to complain about, and in the dead of winter it helps match the flinty mood that can become pervasive as a Michigander.

But the truth for me, good football is darned entertaining, and my days in the 1960s sitting in the stands in Detroit with my family watching our Lions play the likes of the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers comes to the forefront as I prepare for the big game this weekend.

What a great memory, wrapped in the scent of cigars and cigarettes in the outdoor arena of Brigg's Stadium. Vendors matched this particular aroma with steaming Hygrade hot dogs and hot chocolate. If I could only have bottled and capped these fragrances and sold them. I could have then bought the Lions, confident that we would have had at least one team play in the Super Bowl in the LAST 60 YEARS!

It sure makes a fun topic at any bar over a few beers.

Post note: The Patriots won in a defensive battle 13-3, I believe.

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