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Bob's Resolutions

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

MY STATEMENT TO FRIENDS THIS WEEK has been that I have not made any New Year’s resolutions. This is not entirely the truth. I have begun posting entries in my journal with commitments to better eating habits and healthier living. I need to stay healthy because I’ve got sons and grand kids that I want to see.

Adding a few years to my life has become increasingly important.

For nearly a decade, I have been faithfully stepping out 5 to 6 days a week for a walk. Usually about forty-five minutes to an hour, at a nice clip. That is so helpful to my health and to my pant size. I will add this winter a five-minute routine of hand weights where I will firm up my shoulders and arms. This will be an add-on at the end of my walks performed in my private space where no one can watch me.

This last month, OK, probably the last three months, I have partied too many nights and found too many cookies and artisan breads at every turn. These are bad habits that need to be broken.

Bob’s 2019 Diet Approach

Half sandwiches with thin rounds with lots of veggies, turkey, and only mustards, or horseradish.

Homemade clear broth soups at every evening meal. Chicken broths with ginger & mushrooms and roasted Tomato-based soups. Veggies galore.

No red meat. Chicken or ground turkey is so much better.

Do not buy artisan breads, the day-old loaves are addictive.

2 drinks max in my smaller glass (not per hour!).

Breakfast - A single egg, or small serving oatmeal with coconut Silk, walnuts & raisins and a Halo.

No desserts, or chocolate bars.

Wish me well.

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