• Robert Bruce Adams

Bad Decisions

Updated: Apr 14

I HAVE THIS EMBROIDERED HAND TOWEL in my kitchen. It was from an old friend who is no longer with us, gifted to me right after my first book was published a few years ago. It says so much, especially about my writings that helped me find the humor in the fog of my personal crisis. I love this saying, and I like most of the stories I have written.

I am a plow ahead person. I do not over-analyze things, and even though I was trained with an MBA in finance to use numbers to analyze a business’s health, I hardly ever applied the knowledge - if that makes sense?

There are threads of similarity in this introspection to a twenty-five-year-old episode from Seinfeld where George finally realizes that if he did the opposite of what his instinct told him his life would have been so much brighter. "I’m unemployed and I live with my parents." His line and lament to a very attractive female admirer in his corner café as he practiced doing the opposite of his instinct.

These thoughts come to me as I am fine-tuning our mission statement and new website for a developing venture in luxury real estate sales. Is this new business going to be a wild success or just another good story?

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