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  • Robert Bruce Adams

Goodbye Peg

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

MY FRIEND PEG DIED THIS WEEK. It makes me sad. She was a very young 73. Her four-year battle with breast cancer came to an end after the disease metastasized to her major organs doing its deadly deed.

Her daughter notified me of her passing using Peg’s cell phone and it struck me as odd that her name appeared in the text on my screen with the message that sent the sad news. I quickly reviewed a collection of messages we wrote to each other these last few months - encouraging words and happy emojis. Technology sure helped keep it light and hopeful.

Her earthly act is now over.

She had been a girlfriend to my good friend Steve. I lived through their break-up five years ago and remained friends with both as they moved on. That is a bit of a trick at any age and wasn’t always easy.

I always looked forward to Peg dropping by for wine and a conversation. We simply would sit on my porch and enjoy each other's company. I smile in my reflections today, thinking back to one of our little tussles in my kitchen over food preparation. One of our spats resolved itself with two actions. A gift from her that I displayed on my counter stating,“My Cave / My Way.” And secondly, she started keeping her opinions to herself, at least on my cooking. You will be remembered and missed my dear Peg Lawrenson.

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