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  • Robert Bruce Adams

Spring Delight

IT IS STILL TOO EARLY IN SPRING to plant most annual flowers. Except today, I chose to plant a little pot of pansies, confident they will survive the colder nights. I placed them on my front porch so I can enjoy them as I come and go. Such a nice sign of things to come.

They make me happy.

In April and May, the coming of spring’s warmth in northern Michigan can be as slow as molasses. We move from snow and wind, to sunny days and back again. The weather scares my neighbor who dresses as if they’ll be snow every month of the year. Our weather presents these turns and twists and crazy manifestations. I’d guess my neighbor’s consistent wardrobe balances his emotional ups and downs and hints that his preparedness might be more insight than depression.

I remain optimistic.

The beauty of pansies, they can handle the changing weather without too much fuss. Their hybridization has brought forth bright blues, purples, and yellows. The flowers are now the size of silver dollars. My favorite patterns offer such happy faces. It is so nice to begin to focus outdoors and again have flowers on my porch after such a long cold winter. I'd rather watch the flowers than my neighbor any day.

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