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  • Robert Bruce Adams


SUCH A NICE SURPRISE to run into my cousins at Crystal Mountain Resort this weekend in mid-January. I had been in contact over the years with Charlie, the youngest, but I hadn’t seen the others for years, perhaps almost a decade. Yikes. Hugs accompanied our happy reunion as we greeted each other.

Ironically, just the night before, I had watched an amazing movie about a reunion of a biological family who all were musical virtuosos, separated at birth by life’s circumstances. An unusually dark character, played by Robin Williams, was trying to interfere with this magical reunion. It was meant to be, all converging on a Central Park summer concert after breaking his spell over the young virtuoso.

I had recently been thinking of my cousins, especially during the holidays, hoping they were well. It was this strange series of circumstances this weekend in January that brought us together. I am now suggesting that this was a serendipitous event and was a sign for me to be thankful of chance encounters in this intergalactic space we call time. I still love to be surprised and take in the grace that such an event delivers.

My encounter with my family happened to be at the bottom of the Buck Quad ski lift at a picnic table and none of us professes to be too good at music. But who cares.

Thankyou cousins!

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